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David Salter feat. Arron Asham

David Salter feat. Arron Asham

July 16, 2019

We, again recorded this one a while back and spend the first bit of the episode talking about NL Ball Hockey, which is always a great time with some thriving teams around.

The first of our two guests actually makes an in-person appearance being only the second guest besides Senior to drop in to the Ten Dollar Studio as David Salter joins us to talk about his upcoming WHA book and stories he's collecting from the Atlantic Canadians that played in the wildest hockey league of all time.

Then we bring Arron Asham on the line for a quick catch up and to talk about his golf tournament, Arron's Chance2Play that's happening this coming weekend in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba that TR will be making the trek up for. 

All that and more on this week's 3MI.

Bryan Muir - Episode 24

Bryan Muir - Episode 24

July 9, 2019

It’s a bit of a weird, recorded out of order one this week and the thing happened where we recorded on back to back nights and then for some reason waiting 4 days to write the episode description. 

What definitely happened is that Chuck missed the interview so Mike & TR gave him grief for missing an EPIC chat with Bryan Muir. 

From childhood illness that almost took him out of the game, to spending an offseason working for a British jewel thief, to a season that started with a coach running him out of town almost causing him to retire ended with winning a Stanley Cup alongside Ray Bourque & Patrick Roy. 

Bryan’s story is a wild ride. Buckle up. 

Oh! And not to be outdone by Muirsy's madness, TR throws down his own wild story as he passes on some wedding advice for Mike. 

Episode 23 - Free Agency

Episode 23 - Free Agency

July 4, 2019

We're still working on our Canada Day Hangovers so we're a bit late this week, but there's still lots to talk about including NHL Free Agency and the trades and transactions that come with it.

The boys also talk about some other sports keeping our attention this summer, what is the best baseball movie, Ken Burns' effects and haircuts, when it's OK for soccer players to celebrate and when they should stay on their feet.

We also recorded through peak #kawhiwatch so you can hear Mike constantly refresh twitter while somehow forgetting to Google search.

Darcy Harris - Episode 22

Darcy Harris - Episode 22

June 25, 2019

We get into the interview quick on this one, just taking a quick minute to talk up some Canada Day plans and announce a contest, then we get Darcy Harris on the line right away.

Darcy, a good PEI boy, spent some time in Freddy Beach with TR so the talk turns to the Canadiens system, drafting over-agers, coaches who treat their players less than ideally, and captains you cannot truss.

After that we congratulate future guest of the show Alex Newhook on going in the first round and give some other draft thoughts.

Luke Adam - Episode 21

Luke Adam - Episode 21

June 18, 2019

Mike has mostly recovered from the way the Stanley Cup Finals ended, but there's still lots to talk about including the free agent frenzy that's already kicked off and how some players paydays have changed the market completely. We cycle back to the Cup and TR sounds off on the role karma may have played and how great the story of the Blues is, and how drunk Brett Hull has been. 

Luke Adam is back from Germany where he just claimed a title just in time for his birthday and joins us to talk about his home grown progression and time in the NHL and why you should always take your passport on a late night McDonalds run.

There's also some talk about other sports including baseball and why interleague play sucks and all the things we're enjoying about the Raptiz big win!

We should say that it wasn't until after we finished recording that we heard the news about the shooting during the Raptors Parade in Toronto. You'll hear us talk about how great it is that it's been a non-violent celebration up to this point and so the news was shocking to see. We're glad to hear reports that the injuries are non-lifethreatening and we wish the victims a speedy recovery. #WeTheNorth

Jason MacDonald - Episode 20

Jason MacDonald - Episode 20

June 13, 2019

Hockey is dumb. I don't know why anyone gives a shit about this stupid game.

It will drag you along for 9 months and then shit on your heart.

Unrelated, I highly recommend not having a drunk Bruins fan write your episode description less than an hour after a devastating game 7 loss - especially for an episode that was recording before the loss and full of hope and promise of what was to come (but didn't). 

Anyway, Jason MacDonald is an incredible guest who talks us through a wild ride though the AHL & IHL before getting 4 games with the Rangers and coming back for an unforgettable stint with the St. John's Maple Leafs.

Outside the interview there's some talk about the stupid Stanley Cup Finals that are dumb but also some thoughts on the incredible run from the Raptiz before digging into the Beatles & Rolling Stone Magazines top albums and songs of all time.

And if you still care about hockey (which you shouldn't because it's a heartless mistress who will bring you nothing but pain) you can head over to to buy shirts and hats and stuff. (Buying shirts and hats and stuff might make Mike feel better. You won't know until you try.)


Check the Live Stream on Facebook

Check the Live Stream on Facebook

June 7, 2019

So we're light on episodes due to some overlapping travel by Mike & Terry but to make sure we had some content for you this week Chuck came over to Mike's place and watched Game 5 of the Cup Finals with Mike and his fiancé Maria - both noted Bruins fans.

You can watch as Mike drinks a lot of Miller Lite and curses on referees on our Facebook page. 

We were going to rip the audio from that and post it here, but you kind of really need to see it and the comments (thanks to everyone who watched along and joined in) to get the full effect. There were also some tech issues off the hop that resulted in multiple attempts to get going.

This is just 7 minutes of Mike explaining that.

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Episode 19 - Mystery Guest

Episode 19 - Mystery Guest

May 28, 2019

There hasn't been an NHL hockey game in like a week but there's still much to talk about in Newfoundland with the ECHL and Nova Scotia with the Memorial Cup and we cover both in Bob Cole Oh Baby! Moment of the Week.

Later we get caught up in some of the early trade talks sweeping through the league and talk about No Trade Clauses in Intentional Offsides.

Plus an added bonus - TR takes a moment to let us all know that blood costs extra and why.

Finally somehow we even end up in Jurassic Park (which is frightening in the dark) by the end of it.

All this, and a whole lot more on this week's Third Man In.

(And if you're checking things out on YouTube and wondering why there isn't a nifty animated waveform thingy it's because Mike had an early flight and didn't have time to wait for the animation to export.)

Brad Brown - Episode 18

Brad Brown - Episode 18

May 22, 2019

We're talking about the NHL officiating [again] of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and take a brief trip down memory lane on other controversial Playoff calls (with stops in Dallas and Calgary) and discuss how - or even if - the NHL addresses it.

A conversation about whether or not the Bruins are a dynasty leads to a talk about the career progression of Zdeno Chara and age and effectiveness in the NHL.

Finally our guest Brad Brown comes out swinging - with his thoughts on fighting in hockey and let's us in on what the difference maker was early on in his NHL career.

All that and more on this week's Episode of 3MI

Al Iafrate - Episode 17

Al Iafrate - Episode 17

May 16, 2019

We've mostly recovered from the Heart & Stroke Foundations EPIC Hockey Heroes Weekend and while Chuck is still of reeling from sitting down and chatting with Doug Gilmore, TR & Mike manage to compose themselves to get a full episode recorded and interview slap shot & hair style LEGEND Al Iafrate.

The former NHL All Star recounts his unusual path to the NHL going from playing midget to being drafted 4th overall with a stop at the Olympics over a 16 month period. He also talks about why the Heart & Stroke Foundation is so important to him.

Having Al on the show also prompts TR to share a story about his first trip to see an NHL game.

All that & more on this week's Third Man In.


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